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Register Now for our Spiritual Gifts Classes and pay $99 for our first class, or pay $174 for our first 2 Classes, and receive a $25 discount. Our Next class starts on Thursday, January 24th @ 7:30PM EST. We teach a new class every Month. Level 1 is required before the rest Any questions, pls text us at 561-235-2335, and we will respond promptly!
  • Please fill out our School of Ministry Registration Form for our Classes. Also, We send Students Class Updates/Class Guest Speaker info via email/text to be sure you receive class updates. If you have any further questions, text 561-235-2335 for faster response. Thanks, and see you in class!
  • To See Class Details, Just go to the Dynamic School Heading Under the "Church" Tab and Choose "Spiritual Gifts Courses"
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  • Pls use same Mobile # on all MSM Forms, so we won't make Duplicate Accounts
  • *We need this to send you your class manuals
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